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Calvaneo 1583 is characterized by a tough German solidity with Swiss precision at an affordable price!

Calvaneo 1583 is originally a German watch brand and has been around since 1583. It is a very well known brand and loved by many! Calvaneo 1583 has a unique, often Swiss, mechanism, mainly automatic. It is famous for its so-called skeletal watches.

A skeleton watch is a mostly mechanical / automatic watch whose moving parts and bearings are visible through the dial and back. The movement of a skeleton watch is sometimes beautifully engraved. A watch with only a transparent back is not called a skeleton watch.

The watches are handmade using the best materials: Diamond, whether or not gold plated stainless steel (316L), gold, platinum or rhodium. The watches have a leather or steel strap and the glass is crystal hardened mineral glass or sapphire glass.

A Calvaneo 1583 watch contains the latest technology and is subjected to a strict examination before it is shipped to you. These values ​​have made the Calvaneo 1583 watches world famous.

All models have a two-year Calvaneo 1583 warranty and of course you always receive a certificate of authenticity.

Calvaneo 1583 watches are produced in relatively small quantities and are only available through authorized dealers.



How long do I have a warranty on a Calvaneo1583 watch?

You have a two year warranty on a Calvaneo1583 watch. The warranty on a watch applies to the movement and not to other parts such as the glass or the strap.

The warranty does not apply in case of:

  • Theft or loss;
  • Deliberately inflicted damage;
  • Damage as a result of incorrect or careless use;
  • Normal wear or aging of the materials used;
  • Battery life is not covered under warranty.

The warranty will also lapse if you or someone else tries to repair the damage without the permission of Calvaneo1583. Have you already put the product into use before making a warranty or repair request? Then the shipping costs are also for your account.

Does Calvaneo1583 offer a replacement product?

Because our collection is constantly changing, Calvaneo1583 only offers replacement products when the model is in stock.



How can I best handle my automatic watch?

Automatic or mechanical watches contain timepieces that do not involve any electrical part. The timepieces consist of an average of 30 to 60 different parts. These parts are produced with the highest precision and fragile due to their size.

To keep the timepiece functioning properly, it must be provided with various lubricants. These substances ensure that the resistance is as low as possible and ultimately that the timepiece runs as accurately as possible. The lubricants have a certain lifespan, however this lifespan can be (considerably) shortened by external influences. This includes, for example: exposing the watch to large temperature differences, extreme cold or extreme heat.

Traditionally, mechanical watches have been sensitive to (large) shocks and magnetism, but over the past 100 years new and better techniques and materials have been developed to make the timepiece more shock resistant and less sensitive to magnetism. This makes the contemporary mechanical watch very useful on a daily basis. You should keep in mind that, despite all technical innovations, there are still restrictions for wearing such a watch. In fact, it is highly recommended to avoid some activities when wearing the watch. You should think for example of practicing some sports such as: tennis, golf, etc. It is advisable not to expose the watch to products that emit a large magnetic radiation, such as: an induction hob. , hair dryer, etc.

Maintenance of the mechanical watch

As mentioned above, the lubricants inside the watch have a certain life. This means that when the period has expired, the lubricants must be replaced in order to continue to guarantee the proper functioning of the watch. Lubricants should be replaced by a qualified watchmaker. The timepiece will be completely cleaned and, where necessary, provided with the correct lubricants. The maintenance interval is about four to five years. After this period, the lubrication capacity of the lubricants will decrease and eventually result in additional wear. This wear will irrevocably negatively affect the timepiece running.

Winding automatic movements by hand

Mechanical watches can be divided into two main categories: the automatic wound movement and the hand wound movement. The name speaks for itself. The hand-wound timepieces must be wound by hand to provide the timepiece with a power reserve (this is done by turning the crown in the rest position towards 12). Automatically wound timepieces are wound by means of a decentralized weight (the rotor), which is set in motion by movement. This rotor rotates in the case and so the watch is supplied with power reserve via a radar train.

The misunderstanding that arises with a lot of consumers is that an automatic timepiece no longer has to be wound by hand. This is only the case when the wearer of such a timepiece also makes sufficient movement to wind the watch. This is often not the case. For this reason, we request that you wind the watch daily by hand (this is done by turning the crown in the resting position towards 12).